The Importance of Communication Skills for B.Tech. Job Placement in 2020

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When I joined B.Tech. course in GGSIPU, the college that I got was GPMCE (Guru Premsukh Memorial College of Engineering).

I took admission in IT branch.

We have English as a subject in B.Tech. for the first two semesters. The English teacher at GPMCE was not an English teacher per se, but a communication skills teacher.

She told us about the importance of communication skills for cracking a placement in a good IT company. She also told us about the importance of having good communication skills and how it helps in final placement after B.Tech. course.

If you are not good at spoken english, then you have to learn how to speak english well. If you are not good at written english, then you have to learn how to write precisely and accurately what you want to communicate.
Rakesh Narang -

You need to learn communication skills because they help you a lot in building a strong professional career.

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Importance of Communication Skills in Product-based Software Companies vs Service-based Software Companies

Communication skills are critically important for service-based software companies, whereas, product-based software companies focus more on strong technical skills. Even if the communication skills are average, product-based software companies are ok with it.

Product-based software companies hire candidates with really strong technical skills. They do not compromise on technical skills but are ok with average communication skills.

Product-based software companies do not require their coders to deal with clients directly, therefore they are ok with average communication skills. They want people are really strong in software development and they expect them to be excellent in those skills.

For service-based software companies, communication skills are really important because they don't have their own software. They provide services to other companies and the countries that they serve are primarily English speaking countries/continents like USA, Europe, UK, Australia, etc.

Because of this reason, service-based software companies require people with good communication skills. People who can interact with clients effectively.

When an employee of a company writes an email to a client, he is not representing himself individually. He is representing the company, and if he is not able to communicate effectively, it puts a bad impression of the company in front of the client and that can be embarrassing for the company.

So, when service-based software companies come to hire, they test potential candidates on their communication skills. They take reading comprehension tests, writing comprehension tests and they test candidates on their verbal ability.

For testing verbal ability, they host events like extempore, debates, group discussion, JAM (Just A Minute), etc.

Communication Skills Analysis done by Service-based Software Companies

Service-based software companies keep these communication skills events in their placement process to learn whether a candidate is capable of expressing himself well in the English language. HRs of the companies try to figure out whether a candidate is capable of thinking about a topic, whether he is able to understand what is being asked, and whether he is able to come up with a concise, and appropriate response to the question being asked.

They also test a candidate's confidence through these events. They check whether the candidate is able to confidently and clearly express himself. They also check the tone of the candidate, whether he is able to assess the situation and modify his tone accordingly.

On the basis of how you perform in communication skills rounds, the HRs decide whether to go ahead with your candidature, because these skills are really important to them.

If you are in a Tier-III engineering college in India, then according to previous numbers, the probability of you getting a placement in service-based software companies is higher than that of getting a placement in product-based software companies.

If you get really good in your technical skills, then you can crack a product-based company, but if not, then getting into a service-based software company and starting your software development engineering career is not a bad option.

So, if you want to secure a job in a service-based software company, you need to polish your communication skills.

The Plan to Improve Communication Skills

Communication skills is one domain, that if you master it early in your career, you need not work on it again, this skill will stay with you throughout your professional career, but if you stall on it today, it will continue to haunt you for the next 5,10,15 years of your career ahead.

In fact, I have seen people in my previous company, that the communication skills of some people are not refined. English language skill acts as a barrier for them. Their English is not polished and it acts as a hindrance for them while trying to communicate with clients.

They make silly mistakes like replace he with she and vice-versa. They are not able to clearly communicate what they want.

Honestly, nobody cares too much about these silly mistakes, neither the clients, nor the team, because the work that they do is actually great, but still it can become embarrassing sometimes.

But, why do you want to be someone like this?

Why do you want to be someone who can't communicate effectively?

You must not be someone who has poor communication skills.

If you are in college, then you have to work on your communication skills. Right now, you have the time to polish any skill you want to lead a prosperous professional career.

So, make a promise to yourself that you will work on refining your communication skills.
Rakesh Narang -

As compared to gaining technical skills, it is not very difficult to gain communication skills.

You need to say the following things to yourself to become an excellent communicator: -

  1. I make this firm resolution that I will improve my communication skills
  2. I will read more English articles
  3. I will talk to people in English, in classes, labs, etc.
  4. I will express myself well in English language
  5. I will make a habit to communicate in English

Ways to Improve English Communication Skills

Read a lot of English Articles

When you will read a lot of English articles, you will learn new words and understand the contexts in which they are used.

Slowly, and steadily, these words will get added to your vocabulary.

And soon, you will get a grip on the contexts in which these words are used.

Watch English movies, TV shows, and YouTube content

You can watch English movies, English TV shows, and English YouTube content to learn how different words can be used to say the same thing.

Also, different cultures have different contexts, in which different words are used. So, you can grasp those by watch video content in the English language.

You can first start watching with subtitles, and soon you won't need those subtitles, because your brain will become familiar with their sentence structuring and words.

The Best Way to Become an Efficient Communicator is Article Writing - This helped me a lot personally!

You can start a blog on a free platform like Blogspot, or Tumblr, and write on current affairs.

It will not only improve your knowledge of current affairs but also improve your writing comprehension.

You might not be great at writing grammatically correct, well-structure sentences from the beginning. You might make a lot of mistakes. To understand the mistakes you're making, and to rectify those at the time you're making it, you can install a free plugin called Grammarly in your browser. This plugin will tell you if you are making a mistake then and there and provide a fix for it too.

If you will regularly write articles and fix those as per Grammarly suggestions during your 4-year long B.Tech. journey, your writing comprehension will definitely improve.

You will learn the meanings of medium to difficult level words.

You will learn to understand several contexts in which those words are used.

Which will eventually improve your reading and writing comprehension?

Your written English is sorted after that!

How to Improve Spoken English skills

Spoken English is linked more to confidence than skill.

If I give you, an average B.Tech. student, a challenge to go on stage and speak for 1 minute in front of a crowd of 500 people. A lot of average B.Tech. will get nervous. A lot of B.Tech. students can't even think of doing such a thing.

In fact, even I don't think I would be able to address a crowd of 500 people for 1 minute, without feeling jittery. I am sure that when I will set foot on the stage, my legs will shake a little and my heartbeat would increase.

Even though my spoken English is fine, I can talk to anyone in English fluently and express my views, without feeling jittery. But when it comes to public speaking, it's a different story altogether.

This confidence to speak fluently in English is improved with practice. You need to make a resolution that you will talk to as many people as you can in this language.

You have to make a resolution that you will practice your spoken English skills regularly and remove any kind of fear, or hesitation from the process.

When your written English skills and spoken English skills are sorted, you will have the confidence to walk up to HRs of any company and express yourself.

Practice makes Perfect!

I remember, when I was preparing for my placements, I had prepared a 1-minute short introduction of me.

I must have practiced it 10-20 times before appearing for interviews.

Hi, My name is Rakesh Narang. I am 23 years old. I am doing my Bachelor's degree in Technology from Bhagwan Parshuram Institute of Technology. I am majoring in Electronics and Communications Engineering. I did my schooling from AGDAV, Model Town. I scored 78.4% in SSC. I scored 71.4% in HSC. My current B.Tech. percentage is 72. My hobbies are, I like to read, I like to write, I am interested in programming, I like to listen to several genres of music, I like to watch movies and TV shows in my free, Cricket is my favorite sport and my favorite cricketer is none other than the God of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar.
Rakesh Narang -

Before going to bed the night before an interview, and just after waking up, I used to recite that 1-minute introduction several times, just to ensure that when I am in front of the HR, my introduction comes out flawless!

Communication Skills Improvement Plan for B.Tech. Placements 2020

In your placement aptitude tests, they will test your verbal ability.

You will have to several English questions for that test, and you can find those at a website called IndiaBix.

Practice those, it will improve your verbal ability.

You can find Quants, Logical Reasoning, and Verbal Ability Questions asked in Service-based companies like TCS, Infosys, Wipro, etc. for practice on IndiaBix.

If you want to give a mock aptitude test, you can also give these two tests: -

  1. AMCAT
  2. eLitmus

AMCAT is easy, eLitmus is difficult.

All modules of AMCAT are easy. All modules of eLitmus range from medium to hard in terms of difficulty level.

They will most likely visit your college and give your discount coupons for taking their test. I remember, there was a 30% discount on both the tests when taken in college.

I got 100 %ile in the Verbal Ability section of the AMCAT test, which means, best of the best! And I got 99.2 %ile in the Verbal Ability section of the eLitmus test.
Rakesh Narang -

At the time, my technical skills were not polished, but my communication skills were polished. In fact, my written English skills were polished for a very long time.

I have written 1500+ articles in the English language. Some of them, I wrote for clients, from which I earned too. So, my written English skills were of the professional level while in college.

You have to bring your English skills to that level while in college.

Think about it!

You crack all the technical interviews at a company, and they reject you because of your poor communication skills, how bad you would feel!?

Don't let this happen to you!

It feels really bad that even after having great technical skills, a software company rejects you on a trivial thing like communication skills.

You must not make excuses

A lot of people in the B.Tech. do not have good communication skills and they can improve. They must improve, in order to secure a good job.

Don't give the excuse that you're English is not good, and that's why a company didn't hire you.

Excuses won't do you any good.

If you don't have a skill and that skill is mandatory for placements, you have to learn it.

You can't make excuses.

It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to identify the knowledge gaps you have and work hard to fill them.

Knowledge gaps will always be there, you have to identify them, and fill them with hard work.

Releasing Frustration on Quora won't help either

I once read a question on Quora, where a person had released his frustration on how he got rejected because of poor communication skills.

He said that I am a good programmer, I have knowledge in Android development, but my communication skills are weak.

I sat for placement and the company gave the job to someone who had inferior technical skills. The only skill that he had was that he could fluently speak English.

He asked what is more important? Technical skills that are hard to learn, or communication skills, that are relatively easier to learn?

And my response to him was that who are you to decide what parameters are important to a company.

This criterion is set by the company.

Every organization has the right to define the criteria of skills that are important to them. Right?

If for a company, excellent communication skills are important, so they are important. If it is their criteria that they will not hire people will poor communication skills, they will not hire people who have weak communication skills, it is as simple as that!

If YOU don't have good communication skills, then you cannot blame it on the company. You can't make an excuse that communication skills are not as important as technical skills.
Rakesh Narang -

You cannot say that for a technology company, communication skills should not be more important than technical skills. How do you know? Or How can you determine what is important, and what is not important for an organization?

Placement Process of Large Organizations

Large organizations have well-defined criteria for hiring fresh graduates.

They have a well-defined list of skills that they require in your fresh graduates.

And they do not have the time to analyze you on an individual/personal level.

If you match their criteria well, more than 80%, you will be put into the selected basket, else you will be rejected.

It is as simple as that!

Instead of making excuses, it is better to identify skills required by companies, gain those skills, and leave no loose ends, or loopholes.

You must gain all the skills needed to crack a placement, such that you give no reason to any company that they reject you.
Rakesh Narang -

You need both technical skills and communication skills to secure a good placement after your college ends.

Final Words

So, guys, the final conclusion is that communication skills are really important for job placements after B.Tech. in 2020.

You need to work on your reading skills, writing skills, and spoken English skills and become an excellent communicator.

If you want an exceptional professional career, never take communication skills lightly.

These skills will help you a lot in your professional career ahead.

Don't let poor communication skills be a roadblock in your professional journey. Master them and use them to your growth and advantage.

Always aspire to learn skills that advance you in your professional career.

Confidence and effective communication skills are crucial in a corporate format.

Communication skills and confidence will take you a long way in your professional career. When you write concisely, precisely, and accurately in your formal emails, the addressed will take you seriously and your words will be used to mark your authority.

That's it, guys!

Thanks for reading.

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